Over the last year and a half, it feels a bit like I’ve lost myself.  At that time I started a PhD. Before you start everyone says that a PhD is hard, and I brushed them all off. Hard, I could cope with that, I had worked hard through my degree and school and I thought I knew what I was letting myself into. Actually in terms of hard work and the amount of time it requires, I’ve had more free time than I’ve had for years, hence all the craftwork. But all those people, didn’t mean hard work, they meant it would be hard, it would be difficult and that I would struggle. As someone who is academic and had always found chemistry very intuitive, struggling with chemistry was a novel and unpleasant experience. Unluckily the first real rough patch with my work, coincided with a difficult personal experience. And the feeling of losing the thing I was good at, threw me for six. This is something I’m still recovering from, but along the way I started making things again. Picking up the needle and diving into a project, kept me busy and my mind occupied. As time proceeded I realised how much I’d missed all of these processes, and began to enjoy them fully. And as I did more and more, my skills have improved and I’ve begun to feel confident about trying new techniques  and showing off the things I’ve made. I’ve started to find myself again.

So here goes an attempt to be proud of what I’ve done, of what I’ve made. I’m hoping to show you things I’ve made and some of the things I’m hoping to make (always a longer list). Lets see what happens.

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