A pinch, A punch, the first of the Month: beginnings

I was thinking that it would be good practice to have some kind of regular post, and I think once a week may end up being a bit optimistic so I’ll settle on once a month for the time being. My new’s year resolution was to only have one project of each craft on the go at once. I think so far I’ve managed to stick to this. I was trying to keep on top of all my different projects and actually finish more projects. Beginning a project is always my favourite part.

So I thought I’d do a list of stuff I’ve started (works in progress or as my boyfriend likes to call it: mess) and hopefully next time I can update it.

  1. The blanket. This one will be on the list for a while I think.
  2. A peyote necklace I promised my sister about a year ago.
  3. A patchwork case for my work laptop.
  4. A beaded panel for a beaded purse. This is also going to be a longish project. I am planning on doing 2 sides on the loom then a strip the width of the zip so that I end up with a cuboid type shape. I’ve begun the 1st panel with an abstract diamond pattern but not sure whether to do the same for the back or a complimentary pattern

That’s not too bad actually. I thought that there would be more. I’ve definitely got more in my head but that’s another post altogether.

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