Mittens for (princess) Kittens

I know it’s May and even here in England it’s not mitten weather but I was inspired by my last post to actually finish these handwarmers, despite having forgotten about them while writing the WIP list. These handwarmers were incredibly easy to make; they are just a single square which I joined at the seams and left a hole for my thumbs. The original pattern used circular knitting to create thumbtubes. However I a) have never done any circular knitting and b) lost the original pattern when my old laptop died. So for now I shall have cold thumbs. Perhaps one day I will add thumbtubes on.

handwarmers side on
Side view of Mittens

I chose the original pattern because it was incredibly simple and would let me just knit in a square and I was keen to practice moss stitch. Keen observers will notice one is a bit bigger than the other. I am a very tight knitter, I often cast on to tight to knit the next row and have been trying to improve this. Because the project was very stop start, I must have got into the habit of knitting with better tension control. And the bigger one is the square I knitted second. Next time I will try and measure it as I go along. Having them different sizes is only mildly obvious when I’m wearing them but it does feel a bit odd. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out a way to take a picture of both hands wearing mittens at the same time.

mittens flat
Mittens layed flat

Once I had made the final mittens I embellished them. Hence the title of this blogpost although all credit goes to my sister as that was her response to the picture I sent round. To embellish them I have sewn seed beads into the crevices of the moss stitch. This was done with a running stitch on a single strand of thread. I tried to remember to tether the thread every 4 rows so that if it snaps I don’t lose all the beads.

I really love the look of beaded knitting. The first thing I ever knitted (a phone case), I promptly embroidered beads onto, although slightly fewer than this time. I now have so many ideas for a knitted and embellished scarf (actually scarves but lets be realistic here). Anyway for now, I shall wait for it to get cold again so I can wear my sparkly mittens.

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