Quilting Fabric – A birthday treat

For my birthday I got a one-day quilting and patchwork course from my parents. After much searching, I settled on the one from cheekyhandmades. So in March, I had a very fun full day of  learning how to choose fabric, how to cut different shapes, what equipment is vital and which is just useful (I actually should have written more stuff down), how to join the pieces, log cabin quilting and how to quilt them both with straight lines and free motion embroidery, and how to bind the edges. There were only three of us that day, so it was a very personalised and relaxed experience. The only negative was all the cats. I knew I was slightly allergic but as my dad is very allergic I’d never actually spent that much time around them, and by the end of the day I really couldn’t breathe. I have however been recommending her (Jen – I think) to all of my sewing friends.

My very first quilt

During the day, I made two complete small quilted pieces, about the size of a tablemat. The first one was 9 squares, I chose about 5 aqua/blue fabrics with a slight nautical theme. This one was quilted with straight lines around the squares.

My second quilt

The second one was a log cabin quilt, with free motion quilting. I’d seen the strawberry fabric, but I couldn’t find a way to work it with the fish fabric. I decided to go for other simple geometric prints in a primary colour scheme.

I’m really bad at the free motion sewing but after seeing a pair of quilts on my blog crawl during this mornings commute (I ended up at Quilts of a Feather and then Devoted Quilter) , it just got moved to the top of my list of things to learn. It might be a steep learning curve but look how incredible it could be.

Picture taken from http://devotedquilter.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/renees-quilt-spring-2015-bloggers-quilt.html
Picture taken from http://devotedquilter.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/renees-quilt-spring-2015-bloggers-quilt.html
Picture taken from http://www.quiltsofafeather.com/2015/05/leannes-star-mini-quilt.html
Picture taken from http://www.quiltsofafeather.com/2015/05/leannes-star-mini-quilt.html

Since the quilting course, I used my new found patchwork skills to make one and a half laptop cases, I’ll write a post about that soon, promise. Anyway, another birthday present I received was an etsy giftcard from my aunt. I spent it last weekend on some fat quarters and a beading pattern that I’ll talk about some other time.  The fat quarters were from a shop, the modern maker. I selected my own bundle. I first chose the blue fabric with mushrooms and feathers, then promptly saw the building pattern and the birds. Then it was a case of trying to find things that went with all three. I’m happy with the selection, all I need to do now is find a pattern that does them justice.


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