Bank Holiday Monday Blues

I’d had some high expectations for this post, I’d had a brilliant idea for something I wanted to make and a one and a half days to make it. I did actually finish it, and finished all the machine work on my second laptop case. But today after finishing sewing and tidying up, I was intending to go out. Instead I’ve ended up back on the sofa, where it’s safe. I wasn’t exactly that excited about my plans but it didn’t warrant me crying as I locked the door. I made it to the end of the road, before heading home again. I know my therapist would say that I have to learn to accept and acknowledge the part of me that isn’t comfortable socialising with strangers but its still a blow to feel that incapable. So I’m going to leave the post about my exciting project until I can feel excited about it.

IMAG0191 James's card

Instead a few pictures of some cards I made, June is one of the birthday months in my family, so I was just doing some prep and making the most of my flatmates being out to use up all the space in the living room. The cut out squares is a technique I use a lot for cards, its simple enough to do and looks effective. The ballons was an idea I got off google images and again simple but looks good. The other two are squares of off-loom bead weaving, that I found in the box of stuff. I cut a square out of the card so that they sit out slightly but it looks more professional than just gluing it on the front.

IMAG0192 IMAG0190

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