Patchwork Protective Cases

Last night was my craft night with the london sewing and craft group from Meetup. I’ve been going since about september last year. As I’ve more or less been self taught, my crafting has been a pretty solitary pursuit. So its really nice to meet up and see what other people are doing and also to show off my projects. My beadweaving is still pretty unusual among the people who go and despite them all being sewers and knitters (cross-stichers and crotcheters) they are always astounded at how much patience beadweaving appears to take. For me it is much easier to be patient and meticulous while beading than while sewing. But actually this is a post about sewing because last night I finally finished my second patchwork laptop case. I had done the majority over the weekend but there was a little hand sewing left.

IMAG0200[1] IMAG0201[1]

I started both cases at easter, a small one for my personal tablet and a larger one for my work laptop. The smaller one was a bit more complicated. I’d seen a link on buzzfeed  to ispydiy and an envelope laptop case. Their version is simply glued together, but I decided I wanted a lined and sewed laptop case.  So I followed the outline and general shape. I’d learnt about log cabin patchwork at my quilting course and it was definitely my favourite technique of the day. I made three log cabin quilts and them joined them with some triangular pieces to get the outline I needed. I then joined it with the lining and hand sewed the triangles to the inside flap to seal it. The fabric choices for this one started with some fat quarters I bought in a shop in Bath. The tulip fabric is my favourite and was my starting place. I also had the flox afbric and the red star fabric. I bought the dotted fabric and paisley pattern along with the plain green. The others came from my stash of fabrics apart from the yellow which came from my mothers stash. I was trying to keep it quite fun and interesting but also to match the colours of the tulips with the red star fabric. This was pretty hard but I like the way it looks.

IMAG0195[1] IMAG0196[1]

For the second case I simply made a large log cabin rectangle.  Which I joined at the edges to make a case and added a lining and zip. This one is slightly more sedate colour wise. I started with the owl (again from bath) and the chinese print. Both had a cream background so I chose other prints with either cream bases or blue/black tones. The odd flashes of red/pink and the bright green/blue of the paisley really stand out. 

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