Operation tackle that beadstash

During one of my blog crawls I came across operationtacklethatbeadstash. It’s a monthly themed challenge, where you can create anything as long its mostly beads and fit the theme. I think it would be fairly good practice for me to have a go at designing things that fit specific themes and also beading to deadlines.

So this months theme is earth tones:

“Earth tone is a colour scheme that draws from a colour palette of browns, tans, warm greys, and greens. The colours in an earth tone scheme are muted and flat in an emulation of the natural colours found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks. Many earth tones originate from clay earth pigments, such as umber, ochre, and sienna.” ~ Wikipedia

Other colours permitted include blue-grey, blue-green, and red-brown. This is really far from my normal colour range. I wasn’t even sure I had that many of these colours. So I looked at my stash, and was quite surprised. My seed bead range is limited, most of my greens are bright and my supplies of browns would definitely push the limit of the term earth tones. However my ‘other’ beads and accent beads contain a lot of these colours. Including some tila beads, I bought a while back and am intending to turn into a necklace.


Within my ‘other’ beads – anything thats not a size 11° – there was a suprising number of coppers, browns and greens. Although I have no ideas what I would do with them, as they aren’t colours I wear – I don’t want to make jewelry I won’t use. And I’m away for two weeks so if I want to finish something, it shouldn’t be too complicated.


So I’ve flicked through my beading book, Shaped beadwork and beyond by Diane Fitzgerald, looking for things that would be quick and easily converted into a keyring fob. There are two designs that catch my eye, a five point swirl and a cuboid with swarovski crystals. The only crystals I have are a nice dark green but I think they are smaller than the ones needed, and as this is supposed to be a beadstash buster. So I think I’ll give the spiral one a go. I’ll have to choose 3 colours,  probably on the blue green scale but we’ll see if I can try and push my boundaries. I’ll keep you updated.

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