Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

It’s the beginning of the month again. And actually I’ve been reasonably productive so as well as list of WIP’s (works in progress), I’m going to do a list of last months completed items. At the moment I’ve written all about each one but I think it would be useful for me to keep track of what I get upto.

So Stuff I’ve Started:

  1. The Blanket. I’ve added another two balls of wool but still along way to go.
  2. Peyote triangle necklace for my sister. I haven’t touched this. It’s her birthday in august so maybe I’ll aim for that.
  3. Beaded purse on the loom. This has progressed a little but not as much as I’d hoped.
  4. A beaded fringe handbag. This was the project I was so excited about on the bank holiday monday. I’ve completed all the sewing apart from shortening the handle and the first row of fringing. There are two rows of fringing left to go.
  5. A gold right angle weave zig zag necklace. I’m about halfway through but it’s not as structured as I’d hoped so may need to rethink.

And Stuff I’ve finished:

1. Patchwork laptop case

2. Mittens

3. Birthday Cards. Need to get these in the post soon.

Hmm. So I’ve finished one thing off last months list and two others but I’ve managed to add two. Hopefully I don’t keep this up or my list will be far too long.

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