Getting your Mojo Back

This post isn’t about beading but about food, sorry. But I guess in someways its still making things, so it counts. And its been awhile since I wrote anything. Last week I had a wonderful holiday in croatia with some really good food. And since we got back, I’ve actually cooked again. And that’s quite a big thing. Obviously I’ve cooked over the last year and a half but in a perfunctory manner and not even so that I can eat (I’d have been happy with toast and biscuits); usually I cooked so others expected me too. So it’s just been normal things and things that didn’t take much effort or time. But since we came back I’ve cooked 3 new things and been excited to cook them. It’s a good feeling to be excited again, and realising that some of things I thought I’d lost are still here after all.

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