A New Month

Its been a slow month, this month. I was away for a bit which didn’t help and I don’t think I’ve finished anything although I’ve started too many things.

Anywhere here goes:

  1. The blanket – I didn’t have time to buy any wool, so this is on the backburner for the moment.
  2. Beaded panel for a purse – I did a significant amount of this recently, It shouldn’t take too much longer to finish
  3. Fringed handbag – Again I’ve not touched this one, ah well
  4. The gold right angle weave zigzag – I’ve finished the bead weaving, but it needs putting on chain and possibly strengthening the zig zag’s
  5. The peyote triangle necklace for my sister – again I’ve not touched it
  6. A knitted case for my sunglasses – This one is so close to being finished, I just have to sew up the sides
  7. An embroidery kit to make a pin cushion – I started this on holiday but ended up doing very little
  8. A five point star in earth tones for operationtacklethatbeaadstash. I got half way through this, but I don’t really like the colour scheme. The July challenge looks much more inspiring though. I’ll do another post on my ideas in a couple of days

I didn’t finish anything over June but I did order lots of quilting supplies so that should be fun.

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