Shortening the List

After writing my beginning the month list, I realised that it was growing at an unreasonable rate. So I spent some time this weekend finishing stuff off.


First I finished off my sunglasses case. This was simply a case of sewingup the sides. It’s a slightly odd shape but it fits my glasses in nicely and while it won’t stop them getting crushed, it will stop them getting scratched. I like the chevron pattern so much I’ve since started a scarf with it. Which probably negates having finished this, but oh well.


Then I had a go at finishing the zig zag necklace. As I mentioned before, it’s much floppier than I’d anticipated. So in order to make it a firmer, I used some metal earring rods (do they have a proper name?). They reach the length of the third zigzag. I used the invisible thread to tie the loop of the rod to the zigzag. This helps a bit but the middle loops are still floppy. For now I’ve added chain, it looks fine if you place it properly but I reckon after a while it will move and twist and be a random shape. I’ll wear it a couple of times and find out before I do anything.


An then I finally finished the june tacklethatbeadstash challenge. I had to do the second half, but it was much quicker now I understood the pattern. I’m not that happy with the final result. Its just not that impressive for the time it took. If I do it again I’ll play with changing the sizes of the spine beads. I’ll write about it properly in a separate post along with the july challenge.


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