operationtacklethatbeadstash – June/July

I finally finished Junes tackle that bead stash project a couple of weeks ago. The theme was earthtones and as I said these are not colours I find particularly exciting. I eventually chose to do a five point star from ‘Shaped beadwork and beyond’ – Diane Fitzgerald, in a metallic green/brown, a light brown and a purple/grey colour. The final colours I like together but I’m not sure the strucutred lines that form, suit the natural tones. I’m also not that keen on the pattern, I increased the size, but its not as star shaped as the picture in the book suggests. From the pictures in the book, it looks like the spine beads would need to be a larger size to get the star shape.


I have attached the charm to a key ring. I would never wear it as a necklace and this way it becomes useful and I can put it in my gift box, for the next time I need a small present.

July’s challenge was ‘on the beach’. For me ‘on the beach’ brings pictures of rockpools, seashells, sea creatures and seaglass. Lots of my childhood holidays where spent trying to keep warm on british beaches, which combined with my absolute hatred of sand meant I spent a lot of time rock scrambling and trying to catch things in rockpools. On my recent holiday I actually collected quite a bit of seaglass to add to my collection. So one idea I had was trying to wire wrap the pieces and create a necklace – unfortunately I had no wire in my stash and I am trying to not buy things for this challenge


Then I started to think about the colours, blues, turquoise and greys which are much more my colors. I could make more or less anything with these beads but I’m a bit short on time and as you know I have a very long list.


And actually with my anxiety playing up, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting. I think if I had all the time I needed I’d like to have a go a free form peyote with the beach theme. It’s something I keep meaning to try but not sure what I’d make or use it for. I’m also not sure how I’d cope without having a plan/pattern to follow. Even as a child I used to plan how i’d string the beads for my necklaces so they’d be symmetrical. My mum says she had to show me how to do it when I was tiny because I kept getting upset. I guess somethings are just part of who we are.

Free Form Peyote Inspiration

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