A beaded purse – 1st Panel

So one of the items on my never ending list was a panel on my beading loom. The loom was a birthday present a while back but it took me a year to get it all set up and actually make something. The first piece I made was a rectangle for my phone case with a simple harlequin pattern.


And then because I’m nothing if not ambitious, I decided to make an entire purse on my loom. I decide to do two large pannels and then a strip to form the sides which would be the same width as a zip. This will make a fairly blocky purse but its going to be more or less for decorative purposes only and it makes it easy to line.


I tend to stick to fairly abstract and geometric patterns when designing – mostly because I can’t really draw much else. I’m not a drawer, with pen and paper and then with the beading software, anything more complicated than straight lines is pretty complicated. But hey, there’s quite a lot you can do with straight lines.

purse second colour way Pattern for the purse side panel

I actually drew the pattern in shades of purple and blue. But I bought the pink and pale green beads in Japan a year ago, because I liked the colour combination. I was then looking for beads with a similar amount of sheen and it complimentary colours. So the dark red and dark green followed. And it took me a long time to choose the blue colour. I was considering other greens mostly but I like the contrast it adds. I drew it up in two colour schemes, the right one I beaded first. I can’t decide yet whether to do the second side in the same colour scheme or do it the right hand colour scheme.

IMAG0250Because I’m going to attach the panel to other pieces I haven’t worked in the ends I’ve just taped them up with sellotape. One of the only useful bits of information in the instructions for how to use the loom was to use selloptape to bind the threads and then use glue to stick the tape to the back of the piece. And seeing as weeaving in the ends is half the hassle of loom weaving then for pieces that are going to backed on to something else, then its good enough. I’ll decide what to do with the ends later on. But I think I’m going to leave it awhile before I start the next panel. I was definitely getting bored at the end and I’m not sure I’m in a place to do too many long projects at the moment. Some quick results would be nice. But its good to have finished this and I like the end result.


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