A new month already? + ottbs

Where does time go? Sorry about the delay I was on holiday and enjoying the lack of internet. It makes a change these days to be so cut off. This year is running away from me and as I am away again for half of august, I’m going to combine my monthly list post and the operation tackle that beadstash commentary (I’ll be very surprised if I manage to make anything).

So what have I got in progress:

  1. The Blanket. I still haven’t made it to John Lewis
  2. A tapestry pin cushion. I made a lot of progress while away but there are a few small sections to finish.
  3. A knitted summer scarf. I bought some fun died wool and started an eyelet pattern scarf. I did a lot at the beginning but haven’t picked it up for awhile. I’m also not sure I bought enough wool to make a full scarf, at least not of the width I have chosen but I am two thirds through the wool so we’ll see.
  4. A necklace of wire wrapped seaglass. This was inspired by the ottbs July challenge – on the beach. I wrapped roughly half the sea glass I own, one evening and then put it away for a bit.
  5. A Christmas Star made from twisted peyote squares. I made the first square so only 4 to go. I was intending to make lots of these for people for christmas, but we’ll see how long it takes.
  6. A quilted teacosy. I had my sewing machine out for a bit in July an did all the patchwork for a teacosy. I chose a pinwheel style, it looks very cool if not perfectly aligned. I then managed to quilt one side before running out of time and putting my machine away. While reading the quilting blogs I follow I’m always incredibly jealous when they mention their sewing rooms. Also one of my friends went to the same quilting course that I did, earlier in the year, this weekend and made a beautiful quilt. She chose her fabrics brilliantly.
  7. And the green scarf. I’m not happy with this, I know there isn’t enough wool for a scarf and I’m not sure how I’d add another colour. So I’ve taken it off the needles for now and put it away. Hopefully one day I’ll come up with a way to fix it or use it which doesn’t involve taking it all apart.
  8. My sisters necklace – yeah its not going to be done for her birthday.
  9. The fringed handbag. I started the second layer but ran out of beads~ 1/3 of the way across so need to go do some shopping

Wow. I thought I might have managed to shorten it this time as I finished a fair few things. But nope its even longer – oh well, we live in hope.

And on to the things I’ve finished

  1. A knitted sunglasses case. This has had a lot of use.
  2. The gold zigzag necklace. I wore it a couple of times, but seeing as I bought some wire I will go back and edit it at some point.
  3. A beaded key ring for the ottbs June challenge. This has gone into my gift tin for future use.
  4. A beautiful purse, this was a present for a friend and also the first thing I’ve made and given to people outside my circle of crafty friends. I will write a post about this one as I’m quite proud of it
  5. The beaded purse panel – its finally off the list. And it looks beautiful.

Actually at least this list is pretty long as well, and quite a few things on the WIP list are new, so I guess that’s progress.

And Augusts OperationTackleThatBeadstash’s theme is blue, purple, green and matt black. These are so my colours, it’s such a shame I have no time. Although one thing I noticed was that while everyones entries are beautiful, not all of them are big projects. There was a few gorgeous fun pairs of earrings. So maybe I should stop planning major projects and just try and make something to enter. I’ll have a think and see what I can whip up over the weekend.

And thats it. One long blog post, sorry about that.

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