Making Presents and Feeling Proud

Last weekend, as you know, I had my sewing machine out. On saturday afternoon I was intending to get started on a quilted teacosy. But after a chat with a friend that morning, where I was lamenting my current financial circumances (basically I go holiday too much – so don’t feel too sorry for me), she suggested that I make something and commented how much she liked the cushion covers I’d made for her. I rarely give stuff as presents as I never think its good enough. And I’m always worried about whether people mind being given homemade gifts, despite loving them myself. Anyway it gave me the confidence I needed. I was initally planning to make a simple zipped makeup case, with a lovely floral fabric that I inherited from my grandma. Its pretty but also not a fabric I’d use for myself. So I scoured my usual sewing blogs and had a good google for available patterns. There were lots of good patterns but nothing special that I thought I could manange in an evening. And then while on veryberryhandmade‘s tutorial page I saw her tutorial for the card holder.

veryberryhandmade's card holder
veryberryhandmade’s card holder
I took this picture so that I’d remember where everything went when I was sewing it together

I slightly edited her pattern, I didn’t use any interliner – because I don’t own any, and only used two colours – I have a very small fabric stash. I also decided after cutting all the pieces, that I was going to add a zipped pouch. Mainly because I don’t know anyone who only needs a card holder, we’re not really at the buisness card point in our lives but a small purse that fits in a credit card/ID/cash to go in our smallest handbags on a night out/day at the races/date is always useful. Figuring out how to add a zip with no raw edges took me ages. I must have pinned it together a hundred times. And then I ended up sewing the zip on at least 4 times. A couple it ended up one the wrong way round and then on the wrong end of the main piece. But I got there in the end. It’s possibly some of my best sewing, I guess I’ve been doing a lot of practice recently. I was quite proud of the top stitching as well, as I normally try and keep my actual stitch line out of sight.

The finished object
Folded up

I very nearly forgot to take pictures, I actually had to unwrap it in order to take them. And I got a lovely text thanking me for it once my friend had unwrapped it, which is a very nice feeling. So hopefully I’ll have the confidence to carry one giving stuff as presents, its been a good experience.

All ready to be rewrapped

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