A Pleasing Finish – An Embroidered Pincushion

I do love the feeling of having finished something. And today I finally finished the embroidery kit pincushion. This was another kit from my late grandmothers stash and it’s been well traveled (Croatia, France, Chester, Boston and New York).

pin cushion
Embroidered Pin Cushion. Design by Jane Rainbow

I like having something to do with my hands so having to sit still for a few hours on a plane or train is a good (unnescessary) excuse to make something. And an embroidery kit is normally more self contained than beads. Although that hasn’t stopped me from beading on a train – it was a birthday gift with the date looming. It lead to an interesting conversation with the man next to me who didn’t believe the beads sewn on to fabric would stay on. However the thing that got the most comments/ conversations started was when I was darning my point shoes, while taking trains all over  the country for university open days. And gosh that was a long time ago now.

Embroidery Instructions
Embroidery Instructions

This kit is by Jane Rainbow and the instructions consisted of a grid pattern, examples of each stitch and some fairly complex written instructions. The pattern makes a square; then the four corners are folded in to make the pincushion. I stuffed the cushion with the left over wool ends and then the fluff which I pulled from some cotton wool pads. I’ve kept the other part of the pads to use as a line for this project.

christmas ball34
Christmas Ornament
Top: Cotton wool pad Bottom: left over sheet

This was my first time doing embroidery, and if I do any more I really need to invest in an embroidery hoop. This one distorted quite badly by the end. This isn’t noticeable now its been folded and stuffed, but it would be very obvious if it was a flat piece. I’m not actually sure I’ll do anymore embroidery. I mean I wouldn’t turn down a kit if someone gave it to me, But it’s quite complex and I don’t particularly like the look of the wool. Maybe embroidery with thread or floss would look better or more modern. I definitely prefer the finished effect of cross stitch and find it much more therapeutic.

It was interesting to learn something new and I have made something I really needed. I didn’t own a pincushion and have been struggling to find my needles every time I need them. I have a butterfly cross stitch that I began on the last trip which should keep me going for a few more journeys (I think I forgot this off my list last month – whoops) and also a kit for an embroidered tea towel that I should attempt one day. It doesn’t have quite enough instructions though so I need to be feeling brave when I begin.

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