It feels like I’ve actually managed to do quite a bit of making recently. Unfortunately some of that’s cos I’ve had no energy or drive to really leave the house. Oh well, fingers crossed next month is a little brighter.

Works in Progress:

  1. The blanket. I finally bought some more wool, it should arrive soon. I got a little spooked when I couldn’t find the right colour on the John Lewis website. Fortunately I found some online and ordered it straight away.
  2. The beaded bag. This one I still need to go shopping for.
  3. The summer scarf. I have nearly come to the end of the ball of yarn and I still need to decide how I go about making it longer.
  4. My sisters necklace. Yeah I know – I should get going.
  5. The wire wrapped seaglass necklace.
  6.  A handsewn christmas ornanament.

And that’s it. It’s finally shorter than last month. Which all means that my finished list is quite long

  1. A Christmas star.
  2. The tapestry pincushion
  3. The teacosy
  4. A necklace. Just simple bead stringing, it was for a friends birthday and I forgot to take a picture, sorry.

I have an itch to do some more beading, I have a necklace pattern so I just need to decide on the colours. I’m sure I will have it on the WIP list for next month.

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