Winter Blues – Novembers WIP

Nothing I predicted last month came true. October has been a pretty miserable month, I caught every bug going and spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself. Initally I wasn’t even up for doing any craft at all, I really didn’t have the concentration but that changed over the last two weeks.

So the stuff I’ve still got on the go:

  1. Blanket. I’ve added two balls of wool this month, and have three more floating around. It’s starting to look like it might turn into a blanket rather than a very long scarf.
  2. Beaded bag. I bought beads so I should have done a bit more on this by next time
  3. Necklaces. Both my sisters and the sea glass one are still shelved. Maybe one day.

And things I’ve finished:

  1. Two notebook covers. One with embroidery, although that might end up back on the WIP list at some point.
  2. 3 different christmas ornaments, all with a star motif. This included one star that I ‘designed’ myself. Or at least I developed a pattern to make a different shape, but its made me feel quite accomplished.
  3. A hand sewn christmas ornament. Again this may end up on the WIP list as i’m considering adding some beaded embroidery, I did say I was enjoying it.
  4. A couple of cards. We needed a wedding card and its very hard for me to just make one.

Look how short my WIP list (even if 1 entry include 2 things). Thats pretty good going. And I’ve made a decent headstart on my christmas making. I’ll do my best to do a couple of blog posts soon. And I really should get on with making christmas cards. Something I definitely learned last year is to keep them simple and not to do two many different designs.

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