Tackle that bead stash update:September, October and November

I’ve not been very good at participating in these since August. However I have been taking the time to think about what I would make and how I could push my self with it.

Septembers challenge was weather. I was thinking quite literally for this one and drew up a flat cloud pattern in peyote. I was thinking I could bead it as a pendant to attach between chain. While I wasn’t inspired enough to actually start the beading, I think this is a cool idea and could easily be used to make necklaces for presents. Especially if I drew up more patterns depending on the persons interests.

A rain cloud motif

The actual entries were incredible and far more abstract that my own idea. I especially like the twister necklace, its very classy.

Octobers challenge was red and grey, with a twist of using squares or cubes. I managed to choose beads that would be perfect for this but couldn’t decide on a design. I wear a lot of both red and grey and have just realised that these colours and beads are perfect for a necklace pattern I have. And would go perfectly with the outfit I am wearing today. I’ll put it on the list of things to make in the future.

Red and Grey
Red and Grey

Novembers challenge is inspired by a book. And I of course thought of the discworld. Can you imagine a pendant with a turtle, 4 elephants and a disc. It would be so cool. I would however have none of those things in bead form, and don’t think I have time (or skill) to make all of them and it is supposed to be a stash busting exercise. But I have plenty of ‘a sort of greenish purple’ coloured beads, and I think the slugs in love pattern would be pretty magical. Lets see, I have a busy month ahead of me.

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