Christmas spirit

Hanging Stars

I’ve done a lot of christmas beading recently. I started with some five point stars from Diane Fitzgerald’s ‘Shaped Beadwork’. First I made an extra large one for myself and then I made a series of increasing size. The twisted squares are so easy to do while watching tv, having a conversation. Just a way to keep my hands busy. The stars are then joined with invisible thread which I’m hoping will be well invisible when the stars are hung on a tree. I’m planning on gifting this set probabaly to my (not yet) in-laws.

Five Point Stars
Five Point Star

I then wanted to make a 4 point star in the style of the star of Bethlehem. I searched high and wide for a pattern and then put out a call on the fb group. We only managed to find one other pattern,from thread a bead, which while stunning wasn’t quite what I wanted. So I put my thinking cap on and had a go a trying to come up with a pattern myself. I was attempted to add spine beads to just one side of a twisted square. This worked quite well, I initially just added spine beads on two different occasions. Then I decided to add rows over two of the 4 sides, to alter the shape a little. And then I had to try and repeat what I had done. I think I definately need to make notes next time I try and make something up. This ornament has already found a home with my grandma. It was diwali this week, and I think the colours work for both celebrations, so I gifted it early

Star of Bethlehem ornament

When I was adding jump hoops to these ornaments, I remembered a couple of other ornaments I had made previously and sort of forgotten. The first was a christmas tree I had last year, which was also my own design I just added increase to create a peyote cone. The fact I have started making things without following a pattern or trying to copy a picture makes me feel quite accomplished.

I might still add a star to the top, we’ll see if I have time

And the final ornament is adapted from ‘shaped beadwork’. I beaded it during my Easter break, which feels like a long time ago. I love the blue/grey beads, I often accidentally buy more of that colour despite the fact I have plenty at home.


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