It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Oh gosh this is going to be a long list. I’m half way through quite a lot of Christmas making. I managed to be well through November but after making up for not being able to socialise in October, I didn’t have a whole lot of time left for making. And seeing as I had so many crafting plans that’s left me feeling guilty. So I’ve been thinking about how much of my overwhelmed  feeling  I create by myself. It’s definitely something I need to take into consideration over the next year where I will be especially busy with work. A couple of the partially finished projects are the bases of travelling projects to complete over the christmas season. All in all I’ve ended up with quite a few things to blog about over the next few weeks.

Works in Progress

  1. The blanket, 1 more ball of wool got added
  2. The fringed bag. This has been on the back burner recently
  3. The handsewn ornament. Nearly done, i’m just beading the last few petals
  4. Christmas cards. About 2/3rds done. They need posting so they are my top priority at the moment.
  5. Microwave heating pads. I have two neck warmers and three sets of handwarmers to fill with rice and topstitch.
  6. A fabric cover for a diary. I need to hand sew the flaps down and then I have plans for some free form bead embroidery.

That’s not quite as bad as I had predicted, and the things I have finished this month include:

  1. Beaded Christmas ornaments, 3 star ornaments and embellishing the christmas tree
  2. A make up case for a friend
  3. One set of microwave heating pads – I gifted these already
  4. A necklace for the ottbs november challenge

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