The Colour of Magic

I was very inspired by Novembers OTTBS challenge: inspired by a book.

I have always been an avid reader, although that doesn’t really go far enough. I never had enough books to read as child. I would take my full allowance of 8 books out of the travelling library van every fortnight at infant school and was allowed to read the new books, before my high school librarian had even put barcodes on. However during the ‘dark times‘ of my depression in the last two years, I stopped. Completely. It was only Easter this year that I began reading again. For some reason it was also a symptom/problem that I never mentioned, not my therapists or friends and family. I should probably dwell on that. In the end it was going back to books I had read in my teens, that cured me. The books that helped me find my taste.

Naturally my first thought for this challenge was of the Disc World. I was introduced by my dad and Terry Pratchett is now one of my favourite authors. I read the old books via my dad’s collection and the library. When I moved to university, my dad bought me the latest discworld novel – ‘unseen academicals’. And this tradition continued, every time I moved somewhere, he’d buy me the latest book and the next time I went home I’d take it for him to read. Some how I’ve never read ‘moving pictures’, I think now I’m saving it for when I need a good distraction.

My Inspiration 

Originally I wanted to see if I could translate the discworld itself to a pendant form. i.e. a disc resting on the the backs of 4 elephants standing on a turtle. And while this would be incredible and perhaps doesn’t need to be completely literal, what I picture in my head is way above my skill level not to mention the amount of time I have available. So I had a rethink and came up with the colour of magic. Octarine, the 8th colour, the colour of magic, is described as a greenish purple. And there are definitely beads in that colour. I had just bought, size 15, 11, 8 and 6’s in iridescent green, and they can easily be described as greenish purple.

Iridescent green or Octarine

And with that mix of sizes, I had been planning on making some of the various slugs in loves by Gwen Fischer. So I did and this was the end result:


I’m pretty happy with it. I wore it twice in a week which is pretty good going. Decembers challenge is ‘Metallic’. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do this months challenge, and I’m not entirely sure how many metallic beads I have. I’m looking forward to see what other people come up with though.

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