Playing the generation game

christmas ball34
This is the tutorial I followed

This project has a story. It initally started as bookmarked tutorial I saw in the summer and began to take shape when I used the cotton wool from some cotton pads for the stuffing of my pincushion.

However it only became a story when I decided to use this particular fabric. This fabric comes from my late grandmothers stash, a good proportion of which I inherited (being the only grandchild who sews). This particular fabric however was the leftover scraps from the outfit my Grandma made to wear for my mother’s wedding. Which of course meant the ornament was destined to be gifted to my mother. In fact both my Mum and Grandma made a lot of things for that wedding including a very pink dress made for my poor aunt, who definitely isn’t a pink dress woman. I guess that shows the bond between sisters (I wonder what my sisters would wear for me).

I use paper clips instead of basting things, it’s pretty successful

The tutorial was very easy to follow, and very simple. It took me quite a long time as I was doing all the sewing by hand. I actually really enjoyed the process of all the hand sewing and the fact it is more social than using the machine, in the sense that I can talk to people or watch tv ect.

IMAG0516 (2)
The shape makes it really hard to photograph well, not to mention the lack of daylight hours 

And once I’d finished sewing and stuffing it I decided it wasn’t sparkly enough for a Christmas ornament so I beaded it all around the edges. I’m happy with the end result, I think it looks beautiful and has a heritage to go with it. And fortunately my mother agrees.


I made some Hats

I made some hats.

Back in November I went to the country living christmas fair, and among other things I bought a knitting kit to make a hat from stitch & story. I’d intended to make it while driving around on my holiday (in India), as I can knit without getting carsick. However it turned out, the suspension was incredibly bouncy and although knitting wasn’t making me car sick, the bouncing made my knitting pretty dodgy.

This is the pattern from the kit. My tension was a bit loose so it’s huge

Once I was home, I started again. And the hats suddenly appeared. Honestly they were so quick to knit up, it was very satisfying. The patterns are very easy to follow, and look really good when finished. Honestly the only problem I had was finding something with a diameter of 4 cm to help me draft the pom pom pattern.

And this was my extra wool. I shrunk the pattern to make a smaller version


When I was buying the kit I wanted different colours to the pre-made kits so ended up buying extra wool. This meant I had extra wool left after knitting the first hat. So I made another, its nice to feel productive when making things. Often I start long projects and then they drag so the finishes are few and far between. So being able to start and finish something the same day is unusual and quite pleasing.

Resolutions and Reviews

Happy New Year. It’s 2016 already. This is a little late already, sorry about that. Illness and travelling meant I wasn’t able to put together coherent sentences. But the beginning of new year is always a time for looking back at the previous year and deciding what to do in the new one. 2016 is going to be a big year for me but first 2015.

In 2015 I  started this blog, learnt patchwork/quilting and actually put it to some use and I’ve begun sewing again including gifting somethings I’ve made. All in all crafting wise it’s been a good year, I’ve made more things than ever and actually been telling people about them. Personally its been a bit up and down, initially I was getting better and then things started sliding and in the last few months my health has been so bad its having massive effects on everything else. Fingers crossed I stay a bit healthier this year (I’m starting badly on this one – today is my 3rd day in bed out of the last 4). However compared to the beginning of the year, I have a better understanding of what I need to do to take care of myself. I just need to be better at putting into practice next year.

2016 is going to be a stressful year. My main focus is getting my PhD finished (hopefully before they stop paying me). However if I don’t take care of myself its going to get nasty so I only have a few resolutions for myself this year.

Number 1 is to look after myself. In all the different ways that entails, for me its mostly giving myself time to do the things I enjoy making things) and trying to do some exercise. I completely stopped last year for a combination of reasons but it makes me feel so much better so I should try and keep at it.

Number 2 is no non work related deadlines. I don’t need to create stress for myself. So if I have something made to give as a gift that’s great and if I have an idea and enough time that’s ok too. But if the time runs out before I’m finished, I’m not going to worry about it. I can either deliver late or just buy a gift. I’m going to try and keep my monthly posts on here going but if they are 1 day (or 4) late, i don’t think anyone will mind.

The only exception to this rule is veryberry’s ATC swap which i’ve already signed up to. I’m also going to keep using the OTTBS challenges as inspiration but not fuss so much if I don’t have anything to submit by the end of the month.

Number 3 is to keep on top of the mess at home. I’m a natural slob, like really messy. And with being busy and stressed I know this can easily cause my flat to become a disaster zone. So I’m just going to keep on top of things. Basically this means cleaning up after myself as soon as possible, especially in the kitchen and after crafting.

And that’s it for this year. Lets see what happens.

Oh and just to round up here’s what I’m bring into the new year with me:

  1. A hat – a kit I bought. I’d pplanned to knit whiledriving around but the bus was way to bumpy for me to be able to do anything with decent tension so I didn’t get
  2. Bead Embroidery on a diary
  3. A 4 point star
  4. The beaded fringed bag
  5. The blanket
  6. One last heating pad (and some hand warmers)

And last month I got these things finished:

  1. My christmas cards
  2. The ornament for my mother


February is my birthday month and I’m a big birthday person, so looking forward to this one. I’m also expecting a fair few craft supplies so hopefully I’ll show you my goodies in a week or two (I tend to be pretty specific for gifts, most people don’t mind this).

Craftwise in Jan, I made hats and did peyote weaving. Actually I didn’t do much on my long time projects but I’ve been enjoying finishing stuff, so I think my in progress list is pretty long but so is my finished objects. Which I guess cancels things out a bit.

So here goes, In Progress:

  1. The blanket, only 1 ball of the last batch of wool I bought is left
  2. The fringed bag. I actually did some of that this month, at my craft meeting
  3. The last heating pad
  4. A pom pom for a hat for a friend
  5. The 4 point star is one hold for the moment
  6. Bead embroidery on my diary. This I did lots but i could decide what to do next so am just enjoying it at the moment til I’m inspired again
  7. The sea glass necklace, I forgot this one last month but its still there
  8. My very first Rivoli, I’m doing a sort of netted pattern from Sabine Lippert.

And finished projects:

  1. Hats, I made two for me and have more or less finished a third for a friend. It just needs a pom pom.
  2. Two diamond peyote woven necklaces, A rainbow one for me, and a sparkly one for a present
  3. Two peyote ‘squares’, I’m intending to mount these for cards, but I ran out of card stock.
  4. My first ATC, I’ll share this one as soon as I get round to writing a post. I’m having a slight lack of motivation to this – mostly from the taking of pictures side of things

For some reason I seem to have stalled a bit on the sewing side of things this month, despite having several days when I really could have done. I was considering this and I think I’m scared. I’ve cleared out all my other sewing so I could either start some patchwork blocks for my quilt (the fabric has been sitting on the living room floor for weeks) or to trial some freemotion quilting on a oven mitt, depending on which took my fancy. And I just haven’t. I spend (way) too much time on instagram looking at quilters, who are incredible, and I guess I’m feeling intimidated. But I am a beginner, which means I get to make mistakes right. However I’m still trying to figure out where I want to begin and how to find good instructions – Lets see what happens.