February is my birthday month and I’m a big birthday person, so looking forward to this one. I’m also expecting a fair few craft supplies so hopefully I’ll show you my goodies in a week or two (I tend to be pretty specific for gifts, most people don’t mind this).

Craftwise in Jan, I made hats and did peyote weaving. Actually I didn’t do much on my long time projects but I’ve been enjoying finishing stuff, so I think my in progress list is pretty long but so is my finished objects. Which I guess cancels things out a bit.

So here goes, In Progress:

  1. The blanket, only 1 ball of the last batch of wool I bought is left
  2. The fringed bag. I actually did some of that this month, at my craft meeting
  3. The last heating pad
  4. A pom pom for a hat for a friend
  5. The 4 point star is one hold for the moment
  6. Bead embroidery on my diary. This I did lots but i could decide what to do next so am just enjoying it at the moment til I’m inspired again
  7. The sea glass necklace, I forgot this one last month but its still there
  8. My very first Rivoli, I’m doing a sort of netted pattern from Sabine Lippert.

And finished projects:

  1. Hats, I made two for me and have more or less finished a third for a friend. It just needs a pom pom.
  2. Two diamond peyote woven necklaces, A rainbow one for me, and a sparkly one for a present
  3. Two peyote ‘squares’, I’m intending to mount these for cards, but I ran out of card stock.
  4. My first ATC, I’ll share this one as soon as I get round to writing a post. I’m having a slight lack of motivation to this – mostly from the taking of pictures side of things

For some reason I seem to have stalled a bit on the sewing side of things this month, despite having several days when I really could have done. I was considering this and I think I’m scared. I’ve cleared out all my other sewing so I could either start some patchwork blocks for my quilt (the fabric has been sitting on the living room floor for weeks) or to trial some freemotion quilting on a oven mitt, depending on which took my fancy. And I just haven’t. I spend (way) too much time on instagram looking at quilters, who are incredible, and I guess I’m feeling intimidated. But I am a beginner, which means I get to make mistakes right. However I’m still trying to figure out where I want to begin and how to find good instructions – Lets see what happens.


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