I made some Hats

I made some hats.

Back in November I went to the country living christmas fair, and among other things I bought a knitting kit to make a hat from stitch & story. I’d intended to make it while driving around on my holiday (in India), as I can knit without getting carsick. However it turned out, the suspension was incredibly bouncy and although knitting wasn’t making me car sick, the bouncing made my knitting pretty dodgy.

This is the pattern from the kit. My tension was a bit loose so it’s huge

Once I was home, I started again. And the hats suddenly appeared. Honestly they were so quick to knit up, it was very satisfying. The patterns are very easy to follow, and look really good when finished. Honestly the only problem I had was finding something with a diameter of 4 cm to help me draft the pom pom pattern.

And this was my extra wool. I shrunk the pattern to make a smaller version


When I was buying the kit I wanted different colours to the pre-made kits so ended up buying extra wool. This meant I had extra wool left after knitting the first hat. So I made another, its nice to feel productive when making things. Often I start long projects and then they drag so the finishes are few and far between. So being able to start and finish something the same day is unusual and quite pleasing.

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