Playing the generation game

christmas ball34
This is the tutorial I followed

This project has a story. It initally started as bookmarked tutorial I saw in the summer and began to take shape when I used the cotton wool from some cotton pads for the stuffing of my pincushion.

However it only became a story when I decided to use this particular fabric. This fabric comes from my late grandmothers stash, a good proportion of which I inherited (being the only grandchild who sews). This particular fabric however was the leftover scraps from the outfit my Grandma made to wear for my mother’s wedding. Which of course meant the ornament was destined to be gifted to my mother. In fact both my Mum and Grandma made a lot of things for that wedding including a very pink dress made for my poor aunt, who definitely isn’t a pink dress woman. I guess that shows the bond between sisters (I wonder what my sisters would wear for me).

I use paper clips instead of basting things, it’s pretty successful

The tutorial was very easy to follow, and very simple. It took me quite a long time as I was doing all the sewing by hand. I actually really enjoyed the process of all the hand sewing and the fact it is more social than using the machine, in the sense that I can talk to people or watch tv ect.

IMAG0516 (2)
The shape makes it really hard to photograph well, not to mention the lack of daylight hours 

And once I’d finished sewing and stuffing it I decided it wasn’t sparkly enough for a Christmas ornament so I beaded it all around the edges. I’m happy with the end result, I think it looks beautiful and has a heritage to go with it. And fortunately my mother agrees.


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