Winter Comforts

Over Christmas I took part in the 8th Very Berry ATC swap. An artist trading card is a 2.5′ x 3.5′ fabric based picture. And until I cut out the fabric, I really didn’t realise how tiny that was, it is very very small.

The theme this year was Winter Comforts, and my initial thoughts pretty much all surrounded, wrapping up warm. I have a thing for scarves and hats – around September mine come out and decorate the stairs. And as I had joined Instagram to see what others where doing (and not looked back), I saw several examples of tiny knitting and new I wanted to try it.

This was me knitting (and playing with instagram filters)

I pretty much just jumped in with the things I had on had – left over embroidery floss and darning needles. It was pretty tricky and if I did it for too long in one go I was bruising my finger from how I was holding the needles. It’s not something I’m going to try again in a rush. Because it was over Christmas I managed to take the mini knitting all over the world and actually knitted the hat by the pool in Mumbai (I live a charmed life, I know).

My pieces in construction 

Once I’d made the hat and scarf I needed to come up with a pretty background. I cut out the blue fabric and used my frixion pen to draw some snowflakes, which I set about embroidering. To join everything together, I used interfacing, stitched the sides together and then turned them the rightside out. I thought about doing blanket stitch around the edge but I’ve never done it before and it was getting towards the posting deadline.

The way the swap works is everyone sends a card to person and receives one from a different person. My card made its way to laurie and I received this beauty from carole:

A deliciously warming bowl of soup from Carole


There have been some beautiful cards swapped around, with some impressive embroidery skills on show. And despite my no deadlines intention, I’m pretty sure I’ll join in the next one.

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