The little things

I’ve been doing peyote stitch bead weaving recently. This is very much where I started (apart from a small but constant dabble in card making). And its been really nice to go back to it. It feels reassuring and comforting to do something that I knew how to do. It let me remember what I love doing – basically choosing colours – and why I love it – the satisfying nature of the repetitive motions.

It also gave me the confidence to play a little and try something a little different. And I ended up with lots of new patterns in my library and also to try some new shapes. My first attempt gave me the rainbow necklace, although it was much easier to make the diamond necklace. This actually became a (late) christmas present, I was that happy with it.

These were very fun to make and I can definitely see more in my future


Then I finally attempted a pattern for the rivoli I bought a year ago. The pattern was from Sabine Lippert’s Beadwork Evolution, or at least a variation of it as I didn’t really have any of the right sized beads. But it is still very glamorous, and I really love the pattern on the back.


And since then I started my first large beading project for ages, and its completely my own idea and pattern so lets see what happens.



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