The begining of March

And it’s another month again. As always I recently finished a couple of things, which I’ve been meaning to write up. I always get held up by trying to take pictures in daylitght – recently I’ve been taking them while eating breakfast (and trying not to get them sticky). So hopefully I’ll get a couple written in the next few weeks.

Febuary has been fun, I’ve had a couple of weekends with the flat to myself which has let me really get stuck into things (and make a mess). Also with it being my birthday month, I’ve had a few gifts of crafty things to help me out.

So here are my current projects:

  1. The blanket – I bought more wool again
  2. Some english paper piecing – I have plans for a cushion cover but lets see what happens
  3. The fringed bag
  4. The sea glass necklace
  5. The four point star
  6. My beaded diary
  7. A quilted oven glove – I’ve had the pieces cut for a while but been sitting on them
  8. And my quilt – I finally got started, and made two blocks last month.

And things I completed

  1. The hat for my friend
  2. My Rivoli necklace – and I’ve worn it a few times
  3. A heating pad – unfortunately this has come in really useful over the last few weeks, my shoulder has been playing up massively.
  4. A vase covered in peyote stitch – This has been some serious work (and potentially the cause of the pain) and looks amazing, I’ll definitely share it soon
  5. A whole series of cards – again I’ll share these as i tried out a few new designs and got my boyfriend to make his mother one at the same time.


I’m looking forward to March as I have my ¬†liberty knitting class, which should be a lovely day out.



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