Beaded Bottle

I started this project on a mental health day, so I guess it’s appropriate that I post about it on another. Its not been the easiest month for me, but that actually means I’ve made lots of things but not written about them, so here is the first of a few catch up posts.

I’d been considering trying to cover a vase, bottle or candle glass with a beaded cover for a while but had been put off by a) not finding anything suitable and b) knowing it would be a long and repetitive project. However I found a bottle that looked interesting, while I was visiting back home. It had some shape changes (to keep things challenging) but didn’t look like it would be too difficult (so I had a chance of finishing it).

IMAG0692 (2)

Bead choice was pretty fluid I started with a matt iridesciant blue/grey that I’d been saving for something special. As I started to realise how many beads I was going to need, I went stash scavenging for any other colours I had in a similar coating. This turned up the turquoise, pale grey and purple beads. It was only after I’d added  the turquoise beads and was starting to see natural tones, and landscape/beach like views, that I went shopping and found the gold toned beads.

The actual beading is only circular peyote with a very slight decrease in the main section of the bottle and then a significant decrease when it changes widths. This was pretty tricky to judge, I think I carried on decreasing for too long, as its slightly stretched.

A close up of all the decreases


I really enjoyed doing this project, it was simple enough I could do it while watching TV, but interesting enough to keep me wanting to carry on. It took a flying start on the first day because I spent several hours working on it, but actually even in total it only took me just under three weeks to complete. Mostly because I was so excited to see and display the finished project.  So here it is:

IMAG0689 (2)

This year, I’ve started to expand my  skills and start making things that are truly mine, from conception to completion. It’s a good feeling, but I wish I could stop using it as an excuse not to do other things.


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