Greeting cards for all occasions

February is a birthday month in my family, which combined with valentines day and a really early mothers day, meant I used up my stock of handmade cards and needed to replenish it.

Also as it’s my birthday in feb, my stock of coloured paper (my closest friends dont write on the coloured envelopes anymore so I have more to use), and cards was also increased, so I had new things to play with.

Yeah, this is how I work

I got all of my crafting things out and covered the table and played. I spent a very fun sunday afternoon making the following different cards:

IMAG0705 (2)

The first batch I made I used a technique I often fall back on: windows. I like the way it lets me combine a large variety of different pictures and patterns and still look chic. I don’t have a picture but I also managed to get my partner to make a card with this technique for his mother. The card on the left uses some of my large ribbon stash and a simple weaving technique. IMAG0703

I was then looking for cards that used up my stash of coloured envelopes. The balloon card I’ve made before and have a template for the balloon shape, which makes it a quick make. The bunting cards came from a tesco post. And the log cabin card triggered a brand new idea and one I loved playing with.


These log cabin cards are made in a similar way to lag cabin quilts with strips added then cut to size and gosh do they look beautiful. But oh my they make a mess, and so many scraps. It is definitely something I’ll be doing again though.

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