This month I’ll have been doing this a year. And unlike the cliche, time hasn’t flown. Last year feels like a long time ago, but I’ll try and write a post on that when the time’s right.

I’m spending half of April back up north at my parents home. I’m resting and healing and I’ve started on my thesis writing. I bought a few small projects with me, but i’m trying not to be too ambitious at them moment, just do the small ideas that come to me.

As always there’s still plenty of things on my list:

  1. The blanket – before I went away I tidied up a bit and I’ve actually got 8 balls of wool, so I really need to knuckle down and add those on and then measure up and see what I can do
  2. English paper piecing, a few more diamonds have been made and it is one of the projects I have with me
  3. The fringed bag
  4. The seaglass necklace – I found more seaglass while tidying my childhood room, and have new plans for it
  5. The four point star – pretty much on hold
  6. Oven gloves – still too chicken to start
  7. My quilt – I made 2 new blocks this month so happy with the progress. It was also my first time chain piecing which was fun and working with HST – not so fun. Cutting is my least favourite part
  8. An knitted purse with an intarsia design – this was from my knitting day at liberty’s. It was such a good day and
  9. A bead embroidery purse – I spent some pennies on some fun shaped beads and have started a new embroidery piece.

And I finished a few things too:

  1. My diary – And its glorious. (I’d forgotten about writing about it, so I shall take pictures at the weekend
  2. Two drawstring bags – I had a sewing day, and after the preciseness of the quilt blocks I wanted something easy. These were whipped up with no rulers, and are being used to store and ferry craft projects
  3. a knitted bunny from a square – this was a fun quick project and I practiced knitting without looking
  4. A bezelled piece of seaglass- Yeah so for my first bezel I thought I’d try something irregularly shaped – well at least I know I can now. I just tried this for fun and now have lots of ideas

It’s been a fairly productive month all in all, lets see what happens in april

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