Making useful things

I spent quite a bit of time while visiting my parents planning what things I wanted to make in the near future. I came up with plenty of exciting and potentially over ambitious plans. I also had a very expensive trip to hobby craft for all sorts of bits and pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while. But actually as I thought more, I realised that actually I will probably more fulfilled if I spend my time making things I can a) achieve and b) will use.

One of the things I saw online was an earring storage box. I’m a self professed slob, so an earring storage device that only requires me to drop them in, seems like just the thing. I followed a mix of the youtube tutorial from Anneorshine and the write up from Tina Phan.

Just finished


I made my box from a cereal box and covered it with some tissue paper (from some gift wrapped lingerie). I also didn’t have any fleece so used some t-shirts I’d been saving. Because the t-shirt jersey is so thin, I then used more cardboard to stiffen it. I think if I did this again I’d look at using a thicker fabric – maybe like sweatshirt fabric, still soft but thicker. That would help with my other problem which is that when I folded over the covering fabric, I ended up with lots of bulk at the sides as I had so many rolls.

Fully Loaded

At the end, I really like what I’ve made, its pretty useful, and made from entirely recycled things – which is definitely a good thing.

In use


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