May – One year on…

I got my notification that I’d been doing this for a year. It definitely feels like a part of my life now. I just looked back at my very first list post and only one thing is still on it is the blanket and even that has grown significantly since then.

As for how I’ve changed over the year, that’s a little harder to quantify. I’m not so much struggling with the chemistry of the PhD (which is good seeing as I am nearly done) but I’m still struggling with other aspects. I’m more confident at telling people about the things I’ve made but I still use making as an avoidance tool and sometimes catch myself holding it up to unachievable standards. As for finding myself – everytime I think I’m there, I discover something else I lost on the way down. I guess time fixes.

April went really fast for me, I spent half back at my parents and half at home and I think the change of scenery makes it go faster. I also managed to start a few things this month so feeling a little overwhelmed here.

  1. The blanket
  2. A knitted dishcloth
  3. A bead embroidery purse panel
  4. The bead fringed handbag
  5. 2 bezeled seaglass necklaces – I have all the elements just need to find away to join them up
  6. Oven gloves – I spent some serious time practising free motion quilting last weekend  so I have any idea what I can do for this
  7. Sampler quilt – I didn’t make any new blocks but I did buy new fabric, does that count?
  8. English paper piecing – I worked out and cut out the right number of hexagons I need for a cushion cover
  9. The intarsia knitted purse – I knitted the panels but I haven’t sewn them up
  10. A Hawaiian quilted panel – I got taught this by a lovely lady at the craft meetup I go to. It basically is a sort of method of cutting a pattern out of folded fabric – like paper snowflakes, and then appliqueing it down. I’ve never done any hand applique before – and its tricky

I finished a few things as well

  1. A storage box for my earrings
  2. A tiny ring storage case – this one went straight into my gift box

Ok, not so much, but I have a crafting weekend with some friends, next weekend, so hopefully I’ll get a few different things ticked off the list next month.



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