Learning Curve Sampler Quilt

Two years ago I attended a patchwork and quilting course for a birthday present, and then spent some money on a very pretty set of fabric. I was intending to turn this fabric into my first quilt but it took some time before I decided what I was going to do. My main problem with deciding was that despite being a beginner, I’m overly ambitious and wouldn’t have been that happy with simple squares and that I get bored easily so a repeating pattern was never really going to float my boat. After spending a lot of time on social media, I started to get a feel for the type of quilts that float my boat (generally very technical ones). So I settled on doing a sampler style quilt, because it would let me practice all sorts of techniques, and let me do it a bit at a time

Birthday Fabric
My selection of fabric

My first blocks were some 6″ squares from the blocksnswaps blog. It was a challenge – some of the pieces were tiny and I hadn’t yet realised how tiny 1/4″ is. Neither blocks are actually 6″ squares. I’ll square them up one day. My favourite part is still the choosing the fabric.

The ‘windfall’ from a days sewing 

The next time I sat at my machine I made two tile blocks from sewmamasew and a Poseidon’s Hall block from the 2015 fabri-quilt new block blog hop, designed by sarah from 123Quilt. The tile blocks were quite fun to make, but the Poseidon’s Hall block was tricky. I find the cutting of pieces pretty laborious, and don’t get me started on the trimming of the HST’s. I guess that’s what makes it so precise though. In hindsight my fabric choices for this block are not exactly brilliant – it doesn’t have enough contrast, but hey ho. This was my first attempt at chain piecing, and I attempted both pressing open and towards the dark side and decided that I like pressing seams open in most cases.

And then last weekend I tackled flying geese. I found a brilliant set of tutorials on the sewing directory which I will definitely be using again going forward. I made both blocks described. I cut all the pieces first and then went and took a break before coming back to do the sewing, and this is a method I will be doing again. These are possibly my favourite blocks so far. The points aren’t perfect but I like the colours. I had recently bought some extra neutral, low volumeish fabric for backgrounds.

Flying geese blocks


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