June 2016

The month of may has gone fast, and I spent another two weeks back up north writing. It feels like I’ve not done much crafting this month, I think because I’ve been working on only a couple of things to get them finished. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with stuff to do and I’m keen to try some new things so I was trying hard to get some of my longer term projects finished off, or at least at a pause point.

So projects on the go:

  1. The blanket (I have 2 1/2 balls of purple wool to add before I cast off and decide what to do next)
  2. Hawaiian Quilting panel – I’m ~2/3 of the way through the applique
  3. Bead embroidery purse
  4. EPP cushion – all full hexagons are basted
  5. Learning curve sampler quilt – I made another two blocks
  6. Seaglass necklaces – 1 down 2 to go
  7. Intarsia purse – I’ve been putting off finishing this
  8. Oven gloves
  9. Fringed handbag

So it’s still long but more things are more complete so that’s a bonus

And finished projects:

  1. Knitted dishcloth, I finished it just before I left em flat so haven’t had the chance to test it yet.
  2. A tooly tool easel, to store some of my sewing equipment. I’m reasonably happy with this one. It’s a little less rigid than I’d like but I did improvise on the cardboard lining (I used a cereal box) so its probably my fault

June is looking like an odd month with concentrated busy patches but I know I’m going to busy with work, so lets see what happens.

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