A Week of Finishes

I carried on with my mission to finish things over the last week and I’ve managed to actually finish a few things this week.

First of all I finished off my knitted purses, the green sunglasses case and also the purse from my intarsia course. The sunglasses case is just what I wanted, and this time I wrote down the number of stitches and rows etc. in case I want to make another. The intarsia purse I’m less keen on. I like the design, but its not very me and I don’t need a purse that small. Also the clasp shows all the stitches used to fix the panel in on the outside rather than the inside, which makes it look very a little amateur. But I’ve learnt a new technique that I have big plans for in the future.


Sunglasses case and a coin purse


I also finished my blanket, although I got half way through casting off and ran out of wool. This blanket is a pretty good example of why you don’t start a full blanket as your second ever knitting project. I decided I was going to knit a ‘square’ and then add borders, but being a beginner I didn’t do a tension square. I just cast on – onto joined needled – until I thought it looked long enough. Which is why my blanket it 2.1m long. It is considerably longer than me. Another problem, is that it’s all knitted in stocking stitch, before I learnt how to stop it curling, so it has considerable curl along all the edges. ¬†And then because its so long, it took a lot of wool to make it a reasonable width. In the end its 0.85m wide, and that took nearly 20 balls of wool. Oh and I didn’t really know (believe) about how different dyelots can be so I just bought the wool from all over the place.

The ‘sort of’ blanket

However, it is beautiful colour, it’s unbelievable soft and cosy, while casting off I was so warm underneath it. For the mean time it’s been put down and come the winter I will figure out how to add border to bring it to a usable width.

Other things I’ve been trying to finish are another knitted dishcloth, my epp diamonds for a cushion and the beaded fringed handbag – I’m on the last row of fringing now. All are coming on nicely and I have big plans for several new projects and new techniques I want to try.

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