Say Something -9th Very Berry ATC swap

I have now posted and received my ATC’s from the Say Something swap. I had a really strong and actually quite negative response to the phrase say something, when I first heard it. In my head say something is said in two contexts arguments and therapy, neither of which are very positive experiences. I thought about quotes but I’m not a person who collects quotes and couldn’t come up with anything I liked more than my original reaction. (I’m currently writing my PhD thesis, and its common to put a quote at the beginning of each chapter but I could only come up with quite negative ones, so I vetoed that idea.)

Actually as my ideas developed, the idea softened a little and my ATC has ended up being about lost opportunities to say something. I’m neither a chatty person or a particularly open person so it can be quite hard for me to say something, even when it needs saying. So when someone asks how are you? I will always say oh I’m fine, rather than any admission of what’s really going on, even to people who really do want to know whats going on and care about how I’m doing. I’ve become more aware of this over the last couple of years and do now try and be a little more honest with people when they give me the opportunity to say something.

The front of my ATC

Technique wise, I made heavy use of my frixion  pen to write out the words and then embroidered them on. I used chain stitch, which I remember from my brownie days even if I’ve not used it since. I really like the way it looked and I’m definitely a big fan of hand embroidery. I’m on the look out for an interesting skill building project if anyone has any suggestions?

The back

I used the elephant fabric for the back as it elephants were one of the things my partner had specified she liked and I’m aware the front was very much about me.

The ATC I received from Debbie

The ATC I received was made by Debbie. It has the quote ‘dance like no one is watching on it’ and was inspired by the fabric she found. The quote is one of my favourites and I have it on the wall above my bed. I love dancing and have danced all my life. As a child, my Saturdays revolved around my ballet classes and trying to fit everything in. I continued ballet until I went to university and passing my grade 6 ballet exam is still my biggest achievement. During my undergrad, I discovered latin and ballroom dancing and used to fit ~10h of lessons a week around a full time schedule. I don’t understand how I ever had time to do anything. These days I only really do salsa, but I love a good opportunity to dance.

My bedroom wall

I really love participating in these swaps. Receiving post is just the most exciting thing and I love pushing my own skills and creativity as well as seeing everyone’s different interpretations of the theme.


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