Wefts and Weaves

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but while I’ve still been making things, I’ve definitely got less mental energy at the moment so even basic things like cooking and cleaning are only barely being done. And I’ve opened this page to type this post several times, because I am really excited about this project.

I can’t quite remember why but I suddenly became really interested in trying weaving (it was probably instagram inspired). So I did a fair amount of reading and looked up whether or not I could use my beading loom. It was fairly easy to set up, I put the weft threads on slightly differently to how I thread it for my beading – so that there was a cross over point. This makes it much easier when actually weaving, as I only had to go up and down over the threads in one direction. I used a pretty weft thread so that I didn’t mind when it was visible.

My tiny loom, with my legs in the background


Once I had the weft threads set up, the weaving was very quick. My loom is little so I can do it on my lap while watching TV. It was considerably slower to tie off all the ends and make it finished. I looked up cheat techniques but there didn’t seem to be anything that still looked good.

I used a satin stitch to attache the weaving to the fabric

I always intended to turn this piece of weaving into a case for my hard drive. I’m currently backing up my thesis on it and carrying it around in my bag everyday, so its getting a little bashed. For the other side, I did some free motion quilting. There was quite a lot of unpicking but I think I finally got the hang of it.

Simple wavy lines for my first attempt at free motion quilting 

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