July was a scarce month for posts, and I’m not sure August will fair much better – life is pretty busy at the moment. Again I’m writing this post from Chester and I have a holiday at the end of the month which should be a good time out.

Current Projects:

  1. Oven gloves – Quilting has been done, I just have to hand sew the bindings
  2. Socks – I’m past the heel of the 1st sock. This pattern has not been very beginner friendly
  3. EPP Cushion – I finished all the diamonds, chose a layout and have half attached the 1st two diamonds
  4. Fringed Handbag – I did maybe another inch
  5. Bead Embroidery Purse – This is still in hibernation for the moment
  6. Learning Curve Sampler Quilt – again I’ve not managed to make any new block

Finished Projects:

  1. Beaded bead necklace – I finished this and gifted it to my sister
  2. Knitted dishcloth – It’s been through the wash already
  3. A weaving and free motioned case for my hard drive

I’m actually feeling better about the last month having seen what I finished. Especially because I started the weaving and turned it into a thing within a month.

One other thing to mention, is that this week is national beading week and I’m giving a brief introduction into my beading beginnings on Instagram, seeing as I am surrounded by them while back home. Feel free to check it out and tell me your introduction to beading.