An update on my beading adventures

I’ve done quite a bit of beading recently, but neglected to mention it on my blog other than in my  monthly  updates.

My journey back into beadweaving started because I got a job at a local beadshop and wanted something to take to my interview, which was perfect motivation to make the ‘gem of a spiral‘ necklace designed by Marcia Balonis (pattern in Bead and Button April 2016). I’d bought all the beads necessary pretty much as soon as I saw the pattern – albeit variations what was suggested. Because I used slightly different beads the sizing is a little different giving my version a more open structure – I think it looks quite spinal.


I also whipped up a pair of matching earrings. I’ve had so many compliments on this necklace – it is quite an eye catching piece. And yes I got the job, which is an added bonus. When I was putting the findings on the necklace and earrings, I also got out some lampwork beads I’ve had for years. I bought them in New Zealand about 12 years ago, and originally had them all strung on a leather cord together. But while I loved the beads, I never wore the necklace so a couple of years ago I took it apart and kept the beads. I had an idea to do something simple so I simply strung them on some chain, its a style of necklace I wear a lot. And I’ve worn both necklace more than once since making them.


Then I moved on to another beadweaving project of sorts: a beaded chainmaille necklace. I was fascinated by this project and decided to make it in a classic cream colour. I only made the chainmaille section and attached chain to fasten the necklace. This was pretty fun to make even if making all the hoops at the beginning at the beginning was a little boring.

When I was doing the findings for this necklace, I had recently been given some very cool disc beads by a friend at my craft meetup. So I took the opportunity to turn them into a necklace as well. Initially I was going to use all the discs in one necklace but all the black discs made it quite heavy. So instead I used some simple glass beads as spacers so the colours really shine and used the spare black discs in a second necklace.

I also bit the bullet and attached chain to my bezelled seaglass necklace. It looks really stunning on.


I’m starting to learn what style of handmade jewellery I actually wear:  Mostly I wear simpler pieces in fairly neutral colours, as I have a pretty bright wardrobe. I’m trying to keep what I make on those lines and mostly these pieces are successful in that regard.


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