From 2016 into 2017

2016 has gone from dragging along at the beginning to everything changing at the speed of light in the last two months. I’m feeling a lot more content at this end of the year – which is a nice feeling.

So 2016 – I finished my PhD. The 1st three months were pretty stressful but writing up came easier than I expected – I didn’t enjoy the lab work so maybe I should have expected it. The actual finishing, paperwork and viva was pretty drawn out and was finally done by the end of November – I’m officially Dr Shyeni now. And then in a major rush I managed to get myself a job and a new house in a different city for the new year.

Craftingwise I actually achieved quite a lot – especially learning new things. Looking back over my posts reminded me what I’ve made of the year, some of which I had forgotten forgotten. I learnt how to make hats, do bead embroidery, knit socks, bezel using peyote, how to weave, Hawaiian quilting  and practiced a tiny bit of quilting.


Looking back over them, the piece I’m most proud of this year is the bead embroidery diary. It was a bit out of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed the process and love the look of the final outcome.

Blogging wise I’ve been coming and going a bit but that was expected. I also advertised my blog to people I know for the first time. I sent off three ATC’s as part of verykerryberry’s ATC swap – and received three  wonderful cards in return. I also started participating in the tips and tutorials Tuesday link up by Quiltingjetgirl with my making on a budget series. I’ve really enjoyed my foray’s into connectivity with the community and this is definitely something I’m going to try and continue.

So back to tradition, this is what I’m taking into the next year with me:

  1. Fingerless Gloves
  2. A knitted dish
  3. Fringed Handbag
  4. Bead Embroidery Purse
  5. Learning Curve Sampler Quilt
  6. Weaving
  7. Shoulder heat packs
  8. Lip balm cozies
  9. Wire wrapped seaglass necklace


And now onto 2017. It’s going to be a slow start, I’ve got plenty going on in the first month but I’m going to try and keep the blogging steady. I want to continue to stay connected with the blogging and sewing community by participating in more things. I don’t have anything specific I want to learn although I did receive a kit for making resin objects for my jewellery making – so I guess you will hear about that.

As for the rest – lets see what happens