February 2017

After all my intentions to blog more regularly, life got in the way. I was super busy in January but now I’m a bit more settled and have working internet hopefully you’ll hear from me again. I’m still building my new routine and trying to figure things out with all the change that has happened. Which means my making is a little haphazard at the moment, however I do have a backlog of things to write about so fingers crossed that

All the upheaval of January actually left me with more things on the go than I planned but hey ho

  1. Fingerless Gloves – I’m so close to being done with the first glove but have lost some interest recently
  2. Fringed Handbag – No change
  3. Bead Embroidery Purse -No change
  4. Learning Curve Sampler Quilt – I’m still avoiding my machine
  5. Shoulder heat packs – No change
  6. Lip balm cozies – No change
  7. Wire wrapped seaglass necklace -No change
  8. EPP pillow case – I have sewn all the diamonds together but still need to square up the edges before I put it together
  9. A knitted cover for my hotwater bottle
  10. A beaded necklace based on the New Romance pattern from Sabine Lippert

And a very small list of finishes:

  1. A fun dishcloth
  2. Some Weaving – although I’ve not sorted the ends out yet or made it useful


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