A new craft – resin casting

For Christmas, I got a resin casting kit from my partner (I straight up asked for it). I’ve been itching to try it because as I’ve done more bezelling with my beadweaving, I wanted to be able to make my own cabochons. A bit to save money and bit to just be able to use different things in beading.

I did a bit of reading over Christmas, and there’s a lot of posts with all sorts of warnings about what can go wrong. Which was a tad worrying, but as the only real advice given was to measure everything properly and everything else was trial and error.

So, after finally having a day at home, I went ahead and just tried my hand. The kit, I had from the Bead Shop in Nottingham, included everything I needed and some great instructions. I just added some things to add to the molds : a bead and a leather flower (once upon a time it was from a flipflop).

The whole process was really quick, although I only made up a small amount of resin. I left my pieces for about 3 days before taking them out of the mold and they look great, really shiny surfaces and clean edges.


My kit included some pigments, pearly white and purple so about half way through I added some of the white pigment and made some opaque pieces. These turned out lovely but I think I might invest in some translucent pigments as well.


I really enjoyed the process and have loads of ideas for things I want to try adding, so you’ll probably see some more things being made. I do now need to consider what to do with these pieces, my kit contains some great findings so I will probably turn a couple straight into pendants.


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