Stitching Together; Falling apart

Recently my brain has been melting, and I’ve made a series of silly mistakes. Fortunately none have been serious or unfixable – but I’m left feeling more than a little silly and with more things to do. I am definitely in need of a break – I’ve got a few days off over easter, so hopefully I’ll come back a bit more competent.

This post is about a cross stitch along I’m doing with my friends. We took quite a while to choose a pattern – although we are close, we have quite different tastes. Eventually we narrowed it down to two patterns and then chose from those. We all went away and bought our pattern and supplies. I already had some threads so used those as my starting point. When choosing the colours I did a little googling to compare the design to other palettes that were of similar pictures and basically picked the combinations I liked most.


Once I had chosen my colours and bought some extra ones, I spent a long while checking out different combinations. I took a lot of pictures – It really helps me compare combinations.

And then I drew the pattern – very roughly – with what ever was colour I had that was closest. I also labelled each part and took a picture of the colour combo I used. This isn’t set in stone but is a good starting point and should remind me what I thought.


Once all of that was done I started stitching and got this far:


Then I chatted to my friends and halfway through the conversation I realised I had bought the wrong pattern. I honestly don’t know what happened, because I used the link from the convo we had while choosing to buy the pattern. I must have been looking at the bit where we chose, while pressing the buttons to go buy the pattern.

Anyway after feeling pretty silly – I’ve now started collecting supplies for the correct pattern (so you’ll get another planning post), and now I have two great patterns to stitch. I’ve just added  another thing to my list.

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