Cross – stitch fever

I only bought one needle with me on my stint away from home, and I’ve lost it. However my intense desire / current enjoyment of doing my cross stitches means I’m not really feeling my knitting projects. I have needles being delivered tomorrow, so I’m going to sait my desire by writing  about my cross stitch instead.

As I mentioned last time, I’m doing a cross stitch along with friends. The pattern we actually chose was this very cute bookcase pattern. We chose it because it has a lot of potential for customisation.

Unlike the previous floral pattern, I basically did very little planning. I knew I found the pattern a bit too sweet for my tastes, so needed to keep that under control. Pretty much straight off, I knew I wanted to make the globe look like the old fashioned sepia toned ones – so I struck out on the idea of an antique themed bookcase. Like last time I then went on a google of bookcases, there are some beautiful shelves out there.

This is my Daddy’s globe and was my first source of inspiration

As I spent a bit of money on colours for the other (polish flowers) cross stitch, I was determined to try and do this one, with the colours I had. Fortunately, the colours I had included quite a lot of muted and vintagey colours. I decided to go with a dark background – the pattern calls for 16 count, and I found a navy one (that could be delivered quickly). I may come to regret this decision as working with the dark 16 count aida is hard on my eyes – its the first time I’ve considered buying a daylight sewing lamp – guess I’m getting old.

This is how I’m kept track of the length of the shelves

I started the pattern with the shelves. I free placed the first shelf and just worked relatively from there. I did all of the shelves as half cross stitches initally, as I needed to count a lot at that stage and I had a few days in one place. This meant once I staryed moving around I’d done the tricky counting and could just do mindless stitching while on trains. I was expecting the shelves to take much longer than they did but I raced through them.


Once I started the books, I was enthralled. Having the small sections, means it’s easy to feel like you are getting somewhere. I also really enjoy the process of choosing the next colour. Something that apparently stresses people out. I know you are supposed to make colour decisions in day light but I rarely get to sew in daylight; which I figure also means I rarely see the objects in daylight so why shouldn’t I pick colours that look good together and like I want them to in artificial light. So I just make up the colours as I go along.


I was in a rush to pack for my Easter travels, so I only took my embroidery threads. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I wanted to include plenty of sparkly bits – like the embossing on old books. So I’ve left lots gaps, which I will fill in at some point – probably at the end.

Some deviations have begun


I knew at the beginning, that I wasn’t going to do the pattern as is. Its a little sweet for my tastes, especially the hearts. Also who puts pens on the top shelf (you wouldn’t be able to reach) or leaves an apple on a book case (way to ruin your books). After some thought I decided I wanted to add some more plants and trinkets. So I had a google of cross stitch patterns, then used my beading software (easybeadpatterns – I really like it) to draft a few ideas.


Also as I was going on, I decided that there weren’t enough series of books on the bookshelf. So I’ve slowly been adding some of those as I go as well.

I’ve had a lot of stitching time over Easter, but now I’m back to my daily routine so there’s a slow down in progress, but this is a relaxed project so I’m just going to relax and enjoy it.






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