Cross Stitching with Friends

As I’ve talked about, I am taking part in a cross-stitch along with a couple of friends. I talked about how we selected a pattern (and the mistake I made) here, and talked about how I planned (or not) what I would do here and my progress at that point here.

This is how far I’d got at that point on the left:

Well I’ve finally finished (on the right).

I’ve made some substantial changes to the pattern. I’ve included more books, especially trilogies and collections. I added the cat, large pot plant, dream catcher, vase and air plant. I added these things to better fit the oldy worldy colour palette I’d chosen and lessen the sweetness of the original pattern.

I stitched the main sections of the books pretty quickly and enjoyed all the colour choices. I mostly used single colours but did experiment with blending threads especially for the clock, globe and frame of the painting.

I then took a bit of a break, before filling in all the details on the books. I actually found this bit much harder than I thought I would. I used one normal cotton thread and three sparkly ones. Some times I kept the colours of cotton and sparkle threads constant and others I used more contrast. I think I had more success with the mixtures that were more alike in colour.

Deciding what colour the details should be, was really hard. I think the books with darker details look best. In the end I’m happy with the overall look, even if there is a couple of books I’m not that keen on.

Some of the additional bits, I drafted on the blank space of the pattern using a pencil (the vase, cat and air plant). The dreamcatcher is based on the circle of the clock face. The pot plant comes from a different pattern.

I wish my bookcase looked like this one


I’m the first of my friends to finish but having seen their progress so far, I’m excited to see what they end up with. I don’t have another on the go, but I have enjoyed the process. Now I need to figure out what else I could make other than just pictures, so that I can do some more.


August 2017

  1. Fringed Handbag – No change
  2. Bead Embroidery Purse -No change
  3. Learning Curve Sampler Quilt – No change
  4. Shoulder heat packs – No change
  5. Lip balm cozies – No change
  6. A peyote stitch beaded case for business cards – No change
  7. A knitted scarf with beads – I used up all the first ball of wool and have got started on the second
  8. Ivy trails necklace – I did a little more

My partner has left to go travelling for a bit, so I had more weekends at home and alone this month than I’ve had for a while, hence having managed to get two finishes in this month.

  1. Fingerless gloves
  2. the wrong cross stitch

I’ll tell you about it soon but I haven’t got round to photographing it yet.

One other thing I wanted to tell you about was the feature images for my list articles. I started using my own pictures awhile ago, partly because I couldn’t find anything relevant for that month and partly because I was finding navigating copyright tricky and assigning ownership clearly an issue. My phone has a decent camera and its good practice to take some pictures with it. Im going to start updating you on the pictures as well (mostly because this month has a fab story).

The feature image was taken on cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador. August when I was there is supposed to be the dry season, I think it rained nearly every day we were in the highlands. We got told repeatedly that ‘it never rains in August’. When we went to cotopaxi, it snowed, enough to make the Ecuadorian news. So my feature image this month is of a sunshine colored flower in the unusual snow.