December 2017

This month I’ve mostly knitted. Im starting to get a little angsty and wanting to start something new but I’m trying to be good. Oddly I’ve not started anything Christmassy and havent had much of an urge to yet. Lets see what the next month brings.

  1. Beaded handbag – no change
  2. Quilt – no change
  3. Lip balm cozies – no change
  4. Heat packs – no change
  5. Beaded purse – no change
  6. Beaded case for business cards – I’ve finished the 1st repeat and started again
  7. Purple blanket – I’ve done quite a lot. I’m a much quicker knitter than when I started the original blanket. I reckon I’m on half a ball per hour now. I’m also at the stage where it’s too big for my circular  needles so I need to adapt.
  8. Epp – I sewed one star together

I’ve had two finishes this month

  1. The beaded scarf. I wrote about this and many of my other recent finishes here
  2. My artist trading card for the swap hosted by Ali at veryberryhandmade. I’ll tell you all about it when its been recieved.

The list could look quite different by the end of December, I have a good amount of holiday so plenty of time to finish things (or start new ones). I’ll also hopefully have a few posts for you this month.

The image this month is from the fireworks display we went to. Bonfire night is my favourite of the festives at that time. I don’t normally take pictures of fireworks, and I only took them for the first few minutes so I’m pretty impressed with this picture.

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