Christmas decorations

I bought and decorated my first tree this year. Its the first time I’ve had the space and time to bother having a real tree.

I’ve been collecting ornaments for a few years now and have displayed them in some way or another. I’ve also made myself an ornament (or two) each year, so I have a lovely collection. And yet they still look a little sparse on a real tree, but I’m trying to build a collection of special pieces so I can live with that for now.

However this year, I wasnt feeling up to starting Christmas crafting in the autumn and as most stuff I do is fairly time consuming, I resigned myself to not having any new handmaded ones this year.

But actually between finishing something from last year, reapproriating old pieces, returned makes, some shopping and some grand plans which where scuppered by buying the wrong thing, I’ve ended up with 6 new ornaments this year.

5 point star

I started this one as a four pointed star, two years ago and all it needed was the last piece to be zipped up. However when I tried, it just didn’t work. So I whipped up another square and now its a five pointed star.

Ponsietta ornament

This ponsietta began life as a decoration for a hat for a friend’s wedding, but as it no longer lives there, I decided I needed some more colour on the tree.

These two snowflakes were made last year to help my sister do some fundraising. Unfortunately she only sold about half so she returned the others to me. I’ve been giving them away but we kept our favourite two.

I love the bath Christmas markets and this year I took a day off work to go and play. Going on a weekday was perfect as wwe had much more space to walk and lok at stuff. I like to buy a hand crafter ornament every year and the markets are a perfect place to look for things. This year I splashed out and bought two.

Sequined bauble

I’ve been considering doing some sort of bead covered bauble ornuament for several years but never bought baubles to do it with. I finally ordered some, thinking that if nothing else I could take some of my random bits of beading and hang them inside. What I forgot to consider was the size of the opening, so of course nothing fit. I’ve since Google it and you can get baubles that clip open so I may purchase them next year. This won’t stop me doing the fancy beading but I was disappointed that I wouldn’t have a quick new bauble. So instead I searched for things that would fit inside the bauble, and found some sequins. With the addition of some pva and some time spent twirling the bauble while it dried, I have a sparkly bauble. My collection is low on actual baubles so I’m glad to have another one.

There is still one more week to Christmas and I have packed a lot of beads so who knows what might happen.


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