2017 reflections, 2018 goals

It’s been a year of flux and waiting for me. I’ve started a new job and left London and then been waiting for my partner to finish his PhD and see where his job search would take him. So while my own circumstances havent changed since the spring, it feels like we’ve been dealing with a different set of circumstances every other month. Its now looking like we’ll  be much  more settled with us properly living together next year, so I’m looking forward to less change. Although I’ve probably jinxed it by typing that sentance.

So for 2017, I finished approximately 21 different projects, learnt 4 new skills and have only carried 5 projects through the year.

My new skills were English paper piecing, resin casting, knitting with beads and bead crochet. I haven’t really taken to the resin casting but all the others I will be carrying on with.

I can’t really pick anything as a favourite make this year, I think the cross stitch along with friends was possibly the most fun.

For 2018, I really want to knit a garment, but my blanket takes precedence. I’m trying to learn brioche knitting. I would also like to get my sewing machine up and running again, but let’s see what happens.

For December 2017, I did quite a lot of stuff this month due to the holidays.

  1. Beaded handbag – I did a couple of inches
  2. Quilt – no change
  3. Lip balm cozies – no change
  4. Heat packs – no change
  5. Beaded purse – no change
  6. Beaded case for business cards – no change
  7. Purple blanket – I’m now using 5 circular needles like double pointed needles.
  8. Epp – I have 4 complete stars
  9. Bead crochet. I completed the stringing.
  10. Bead crochet. I have completed the crochet but it needs some hardware before it’s complete.

I’ve had one finish this month, a netted bauble. I made this up as I went along and it required a few goes to get the last bit right but it looks lovely now.

The final feature image of the year is from the coast near Edinburgh where I had a short holiday at the beginning of the month.



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